juxtaposeur (juxtaposeur) wrote in jiveassbastards,

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- changed font to 'georgia'
- fiddled with colors more
- modified comment links & title
- added more interests

do we want friends? or are we too elitist?
anything i should change back to the way it was?
anything else need to be changed?
should it just be us who can post comments and such?

feel free to make up some more icons, since you're taking the day off and all. never such a thing as too many icons. i'll talk to you after i escape video.

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aw, it looks doubleplus great, esther. today, yeah, it's now just gone 2.00 in the afternoon and i've been awake for twenty minutes, because my granddad forgot that i was taking today off and woke me up at quarter to seven in the hay-em. god. but that was okay, because it interrupted this dream i was having about going to school. yeah, my imagination needs to go in for repairs. hm.

okay - i don't think anyone else will actually understand what this place is supposed to be, given that it revolves around laughing at the enforcer with you. nobody would want us, man!
open up commenting to the general public in case somebody interesting finds something fun to write, i say. but i don't know how to fiddle around with that stuff, so best leave it to you, yes?
icons. hmph. i will find some stuff with google and see what i can be bothered to crop and the like.

i'd just like to let you know that i no longer seem to be able to pull off all-nighters, as i kept dozing off trying to read this damn foucault article for video.

get to googling, honky.