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100 songs.

maybe less than definitive, but you could do worse than listen to any one of these!

it's not in ascending or descending or chronological or alphabetical or autobiographical order.

1. "hey jude" by the beatles
2. "an ending (ascent)" by brian eno
3. "head on" by the jesus & mary chain
4. "man on the moon" by r.e.m.
5. "novocaine for the soul" by the eels
6. "i hate myself and want to die" by nirvana
7. "i want you" by bob dylan
8. "dig for fire" by the pixies
9. "fly" by nick drake
10. "the fairest of the seasons" by nico
11. "come to daddy" by aphex twin
12. "big time sensuality" by björk
13. "say yes" by elliott smith
14. "last stop: this town" by the eels
15. "the biggest lie" by elliott smith
16. "midnight in a perfect world" by dj shadow
17. "thank you for the music" by cornelius
18. "fight the power" by public enemy
19. "son of sam" by elliott smith
20. "alone again or" by love
21. "fairway" by supercar
22. "music is math" by boards of canada
23. "dawn chorus" by boards of canada
24. "dirty boots" by sonic youth
25. "miss misery" by elliott smith

26. "last goodbye" by jeff buckley
27. "subterranean homesick blues" by bob dylan
28. "babies" by pulp
29. "da funk" by daft punk
30. "get me away from here, i'm dying" by belle & sebastian
31. "heart shaped box" by nirvana
32. "like i love you" by justin timberlake
33. "page one" by lemon jelly
34. "astonishing panorama of the end-times" by marilyn manson
35. "panic" by the smiths
36. "soon" by my bloody valentine
37. "eple" by röyksopp
38. "teardrop" by massive attack
39. "djed" by tortoise
40. "chemical world" by blur
41. "ce matin-la" by air
42. "pete standing alone" by boards of canada
43. "lewis (mistreated)" by radiohead
44. "stay away" by nirvana
45. "railing" by roni size
46. "got your money" by ol' dirty bastard feat. kelis
47. "the killing moon" by echo & the bunnymen
48. "jack-ass" by beck
49. "ramshackle" by beck
50. "let down" by radiohead

51. "end of a century" by blur
52. "love will tear us apart" by joy division
53. "god only knows" by the beach boys
54. "thought @ work" by the roots
55. "isolation" by joy division
56. "from the morning" by nick drake
57. "brazil" by cornelius
58. "just like honey" by the jesus & mary chain
59. "for no one" by the beatles
60. "no name #3" by elliott smith
61. "norwegian wood" by the beatles
62. "witness (1 hope)" by roots manuva
63. "swords in the dirt" by roots manuva
64. "sacre francais" by dimitri from paris
65. "disarm" by smashing pumpkins
66. "frontier psychiatrist" by the avalanches
67. "shanky panky" by kid koala
68. "hey ya!" by outkast
69. "once in a lifetime" by talking heads
70. "fuck tha police" by n.w.a.
71. "black hole sun" by soundgarden
72. "where is my mind?" by the pixies
73. "surfin' bird" by the trashmen
74. "la revolucion" by ugly duckling
75. "just" by radiohead

76. "sleep the clock around" by belle & sebastian
77. "stan" by eminem
78. "bigmouth strikes again" by the smiths
79. "the crystal lake" by grandaddy
80. "dry the rain" by the beta band
81. "all tomorrow's parties" by the velvet underground
82. "dear prudence" by the beatles
83. "summer here kids" by grandaddy
84. "teenage kicks" by the undertones
85. "all apologies" by nirvana
86. "playground love" by air
87. "stephanie says" by the velvet underground
88. "waltz #2 (xo)" by elliott smith
89. "do you realize??" by the flaming lips
90. "blister in the sun" by the violent femmes
91. "help the aged" by pulp
92. "the boy with the arab strap" by belle & sebastian
93. "street spirit (fade out)" by radiohead
94. "peaches" by presidents of the usa
95. "sugarcube" by yo la tengo
96. "celebrate your mother" by eighties matchbox b-line disaster
97. "i heard it through the grapevine" by marvin gaye
98. "intergalactic" by the beastie boys
99. "mr. tambourine man" by bob dylan
100. "maps" by yeah yeah yeahs
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