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if there's something inside that you wanna say, say it out loud, it'll be okay

god, okay. wow. muse might be some boring sub-jeff buckley outfit, but they are phenomenal live.
honestly! the atmosphere couldn't have been any thicker if they'd dropped an atomic bomb on the arena.
i'm not going to school today because:
i was tired and wanted a lie-in.
there aren't any trains from romford to brentwood right now.
i can't be bothered.
there was this bit, the crescendo to the gig, and they played some record called "time is running out", i think, and then launched straight into "plug-in baby" and the crowd went ballistic! all these black balloons rained over the floor and there was confetti everywhere and you couldn't hear a fucking thing. it was awesome.
okay. hope i'll speak to you a little later, gringo! good luck with the family.
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