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re: dance dance dance

i'm always so bummed out and perplexed by haruki murakami's books. kiki showed our nameless hero a room full of skeletons, and he put names to five of them. but the sixth skeleton is left a mystery - it could be yumiyoshi, but she was only lost through the wall in a dream. although dreams are often interchangeable with alternate realities in his novels.

anyway, i think i've read all his surreal material now. which is a bummer in and of itself. which is not to say i'm not interested in his straight drama - i'm sure it's thrilling; norwegian wood is his most successful book, after all. but i doubt there'll be as many interesting characters. i guess i'll find out, won't i?

i was going to write an analysis of your poem in a comment, but that felt a bit impersonal, so i'm going to wait until i see you, and then we can talk about it. it's been an eventless day.

with love.
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